Sunday, April 26, 2009


6x9 on masonite board
The figure really pops out with the limited pallet and high contrast. I'm glad we had several weeks to accomplish this Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge, I have been very busy. I got started the first week and then walk by my roughed in work for a couple of weeks. I had to check the history behind the goddess Diana. Why the spear and dog? I discovered that in Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, being associated with wild animals and woodlands.


L.Holm said...

Nice work, Jim - It looks like you sculpted her out of paint. lovely.

Jim Remiyac said...

Liz, Thanks for stopping by and leaving the note of encouragement.

Carol Horzempa said...

I agree with Liz, I love the texture you created with your brushstrokes. Very nice!